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Northern Blue Entertainment was co-founded by Melodie Calvert and Detra Wilson.

The duo have directed and produced all genres of television from reality and documentary to magazine formats and music videos. They've worked with networks as diverse as A&E, The Travel Channel, Sundance Channel, National Geographic, Television,  Lifetime, E! Entertainment, MTV and WE: Women's Entertainment .

With its Corporate and Web Video Division, Northern Blue brings a track record of show running experience along with savvy marketing expertise to a wide range of new media projects.

Film and TV Production
Having created TV shows for numerous networks including, E!, The Travel Channel, WE TV, A&E and more, we've built a track record of quality productions.

Web Video Services
Webseries, online promo videos and product placement on the web are only a few of the ways to use the Internet as a promotional tool.

Corporate Video Production
Let us bring Hollywood to your company. We produce professional videos and media that will promote and encourage the growth of your business.

Our Resources

From Concept Development, Copy-writing, Production, Post-Production to Delivery we offer a variety of services including:


Illuminating Angels and Demons

Grub Gals
Vacation Challenge

Life Coach